Business economics

Business economics

Business economics

The course aims to equip participants with an alternative, more real-world, economics training than that provided by most Universities. This will be done in the context of a demystification of the economics taught in higher education, and an unpacking of what are perceived to be problems with the standard economics texts used in the teaching of economics courses from secondary school onwards.

Foundation for:

What you'll get out of the course

About the trainer

Dr Howard Nicholas has over 40 years of teaching experience in universities and business schools in a number of countries including China, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. From 1981-2020 he was based at the Institute of Social Studies (part of Erasmus University of Rotterdam), where he was awarded best-teacher award every year since the award was first given―from 2000 to 2020.

He is regularly invited to give lectures on the global economy and is known by those who have attended his lectures for his early warnings on the Asian crisis in 1997, the global crises of 2001 and 2008, the little known crisis of the Chinese economy in 2015, and the global crisis of 2020.


Who will benefit

The target group is those lower and middle level executives that are aware of the importance of an understanding of real-world economic trends and developments for their decision-making, but have not had the necessary background for developing this understanding. This includes both those who have followed formal economics and business-related study programmes at secondary and tertiary education levels, as well as those who have had no formal training in either of these.


No requirements for this course. It is for anyone who has a desire to learn something of practical relevance, and using one’s own common-sense and logic to do so.

Courses that build on this course: 1) Money & Financial markets; 2) The Sri Lankan economy in the global context

In consideration of the limited time participants are likely to have, we offer compact courses with flexible schedules.

15 hours

2-3 weeks

Sri Lanka case study

Available in online format

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