The Sri Lankan economy in the global context

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The Sri Lankan economy in the global context

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This course builds on the economic foundations covered in the Business economics short course.

Foundations for

An essential part of the foundations required for getting the most out of our information services.

Aim of the course

The aim of the course is to aid business executives understand the global and Sri Lankan economies, and our reports on these (see below for more on reports) by providing an insight into our views on the economic foundations for understanding these economies and trends in them. Particular attention is paid to the foundations for our explanation of actual and forecast trends in the global and Sri Lankan economies for business (and investment) decision-making.

The course is seen as indispensable for following our Updates workshops, which focuses on current developments in the global and Sri Lankan economies. Although the intention of the course and Updates workshops is not to make explicit recommendations in terms of asset choices, these are implicit in the analyses provided.

What you get out of the course