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Sri Lanka Economic Monitor

Monitor of the Sri Lankan economy including several important variables and Sri Lankan equities and interest rates.

Global Economic Monitor

Monitor of the global economy including several key variables and asset classes.

Vietnam Economic Monitor

Monitor of the Vietnamese economy including several important variables and Vietnamese equities and interest rates.

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Monthly and quarterly issues.

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Corporate subscriptions for organisations.

Continuity in analysis

The variables chosen, and interpretation of the significance of their movement, are based on our view of the functioning of the global economy. The data and charts selected for each month’s report are intended as indicating important developments in the global economy on the basis of our particular view of its functioning.

We are of the view that most other reports tend to reproduce what is in effect “the flavour of the month” – offering little by way of substance and continuity.

Monthly monitor on the global economy

Our report on the global economy is referred to as the Global Economic Monitor (GEM) and is prepared on a monthly basis by our partner company in the Netherlands. As its name suggests, this report monitors important trends in the global economy as a whole and a number of key variables in particular.