Who we are


Economic Training & Information Services (ETIS) Lanka Ltd is an independent body that provides economic training and information services to the Sri Lankan business community. The company was founded in 2019.

Its establishment is in response to the perceived need for more sophisticated economic data and information by business leaders and managers that are attempting to come to grips with the major structural changes taking place in the Sri Lankan economy in the context of its rapid growth and increasing integration into a turbulent global economy.


Our vision is to make economics intelligible and of practical use for business and investment decision-making.


Our mission is to provide economic and financial training services to the Sri Lankan business community, complemented by information on the Sri Lankan and global economies, and with the specific objective of contributing to more informed business decision-making in this community.

We intend to move towards fulfilling our mission through the provision of regular workshops, short courses and in-house training sessions on an array of topics which will showcase the usefulness of the economic information and data analytics that are to be provided in the form of economic reports and user-friendly data sets.


We partner with several organisations in Sri Lanka in order to offer our short courses to a wide-ranging audience. Our partnership with Netherlands-based Kapital economics is to provide us with intelligence on the global economy, to provide the necessary context for understanding developments in the Sri Lankan economy. 


Courses to equip participants with the tools to use economic analyses for their decision-making in business and investment.

Information services

Reports and workshops to stay updated on the latest developments in the global and Sri Lankan economies.