Real-world economics

for business and investment

We teach an economics that is easy to understand, and is of practical use for business and investment decision-making. Our short courses are meant to provide a better understanding of economics using real-world data displayed in simple but effective charts and tables.


Unique case study materials

All our courses are equipped with case studies of the Sri Lankan economy and its financial markets. Our materials are constantly updated to allow for discussion on contemporary economic developments within the framework of a business-cycle economics, to understand the implications for businesses and investors.

Sri Lanka's foreign currency crisis: An unexpected shock or an accident waiting to happen?

Placing the Sri Lankan economy in the global context

We show how the Sri Lankan economy can only be understood in the context of the global economy, in terms of the cyclical movements in both economies, as well as the structural changes taking place in the world economy that have a major bearing on Sri Lanka.

Analysing key indicators used for investment decisions

We monitor developments in the global and Sri Lankan economies, and their implications for the major asset classes. Our monthly reports contain updates on several key variables and our forecasts on these, while our workshops are an opportunity for participants to dive into our findings and recent developments.