An alternative economics for business and investment

ETIS Lanka was founded in response to the perceived shortcomings of universities to provide the Sri Lankan business community with an economics that is of practical use for business and investment decision-making. It is an alternative based on a business cycle approach for making sense of real-world developments.

Economy snapshot

Growth, inflation, balance of payments, and more.


A quarterly report on major developments in the Sri Lankan economy, by tracking key economic and financial market indicators.

A monthly report on major developments in the global economy, by tracking key economic indicators and the major asset classes.


A workshop to dive into the latest developments in the global and Sri Lankan economies, and our expectations of what is to come.

Company news

First online workshop with PwC

5 May 2020

Updates workshop Q1 2020

7 February 2020

Forecasting the current global recession and its impact on Sri Lanka

Dr Howard Nicholas, senior trainer at ETIS Lanka, in conversation with Indeewari Amuwatte about the coming global recession.

14 July 2019

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