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Identifying (and responding to) macro risks and opportunities

To improve decision making for business people and investors, we offer courses and information services based on an economics that is fundamentally different to what is conventionally taught in universities. It is our belief that to understand what is happening in the Sri Lankan economy, it is necessary to understand the dynamics of the global economy and its implications for the local economy and financial markets, using a business-cycle framework.

Business cycles

That economies move in cycles is a well-established fact. The economic research organisation NBER has recorded over 30 business cycles in the United States going back to 1857, with recurrent rises and falls in economic activity recorded since then. Why does this happen and what does it mean for business and investments? Is it unique to the US economy or do all capitalist economies move in cycles? Does the Sri Lankan economy move in cycles? These are the questions we address in our courses, using a lacuna of case study materials to illustrate the cyclical movements of economies, and the links between certain economic indicators and the major asset classes.

Sri Lanka in the global context

An understanding of the Sri Lankan economy requires start with an understanding of the global economy, and the cyclical nature of both economies. In our courses we show how economic activity and inflation in Sri Lanka is conditioned by the global economy, and the implications this has for business and investments in Sri Lanka.

ETIS Lanka’s vision is to make economics intelligible and of practical use for business and investment decision-making.

Our mission is to provide economic and financial training services to the Sri Lankan business community, complemented by information on the local and global economies.

We intend to move towards fulfilling our mission through the provision of regular workshops, short courses and in-house training sessions on an array of topics which will showcase the usefulness of the economic information and data analytics that are to be provided in the form of economic reports and user-friendly data sets.

ETIS Lanka was setup as an independent body that provides economic training and information services to the Sri Lankan business community. The company was established in 2019, in response to the perceived need for more sophisticated economic data and information by business leaders and managers that are attempting to come to grips with the major structural changes in the global and Sri Lankan economies.

The team

Shamani is a senior project management consultant with over 18 years in managing and implementing systems across companies. Her experience in this field covers account and project management, process documentation, preparation of RFPs and managing teams.

Bram has worked as an investment analyst for almost 10 years; studying- and trading in global equity, currency, commodity, and bond markets. He has furthermore done extensive research in the areas of the global economy and industrial development.

Howard has over 40 years of experience teaching economics and financial markets in universities and business schools around the world, including in the Netherlands, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka; while developing the alternative economics for business that serves as the foundation for ETIS’s activities.

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